In the complex ecosystem of odour management, involving companies, government bodies, and surrounding communities, the search for a balanced living environment is often characterized by challenges and frustrations.


In this ecosystem, Qweriu aims at improving the relationships between stakeholders by offering not a replacement, but a complementary solution to existing odour control systems. In this article, we’ll show how our technology – integrating iNose sensors, the STINX app, and our Atlantis visualization platform – enhances traditional odour management approaches.

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The existing landscape of odour control

Odour management in industrial environments encompasses a diverse array of solutions, each serving a distinct purpose within two broad categories: Odour Treatment and Odour Detection & Analysis.

Odour treatment

Solutions like activated carbon filters and biofilters are efficient in trapping and neutralizing odours, directly addressing the problem at its source. They are particularly effective for continuous odour control. Similar to filters, scrubbers are instrumental in physically or chemically removing odorous compounds from gas streams, significantly reducing emissions.

Odour detection and analysis

Periodical sniffing tests involve human assessors who evaluate odour quality, intensity, and duration. While offering valuable subjective insights, their periodic nature means they cannot provide continuous monitoring. Olfactometric analyses, on the other hand, are scientific approaches to quantify and analyze odour samples in a lab setting. They offer detailed, objective insights but, like sniffing tests, are conducted intermittently and thus leave gaps in real-time monitoring.

Qweriu's real-time monitoring: filling the gaps

Qweriu’s approach is designed to fill these gaps. By implementing a network of iNoses, we provide continuous, real-time monitoring of odours. This 24/7 surveillance enables companies to immediately identify deviations in air quality, facilitating prompt action. Our technology doesn’t replace all of the existing odour control systems; it enhances them by adding a layer of intelligence and immediacy.

Real-time monitoring of harmful emissions and nuisance odours

Complementing traditional solutions:

  • Data-driven insights: While traditional methods treat or analyze odours, Qweriu’s solutions offer ongoing monitoring, delivering data that helps pinpoint the exact timing and potential sources of odour issues. This information is crucial for effectively deploying traditional odour control methods.
  • Optimizing operational decisions: Understanding real-time odour patterns allows companies to make informed decisions, like adjusting production schedules or activating odour control systems only when necessary, leading to cost savings and increased efficiency.

Empowering stakeholders:

  • Communities: Through the STINX app, community members can report odours, providing valuable, geolocated insights that complement sensor data, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the odour landscape. As a company, you are able to access anonymized odour reports submitted by the surrounding community.
  • Governments: Access to continuous data empowers government agencies to make informed decisions regarding environmental strategies and permits, while also facilitating effective complaint handling.
  • Industries: Companies can use iNose data to inform their environmental strategies, back up permit requests, and collaborate more effectively with governments and communities.
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Achieving long-term results:

The integration of Qweriu’s technology into existing odour control frameworks allows for a more strategic approach to odour management. By providing continuous data, industries can identify long-term trends and take preemptive measures, leading to sustained improvements in odour control. Our technology is not a replacement but an essential partner in the journey towards a cleaner, more pleasant environment for everyone.

Discover how the iNoses can help your company to monitor odour nuisance 24/7 and translate data into actionable insights. Receive feedback from surrounding communities with our free STINX app and start anticipating and addressing odour nuisances proactively. Contact us

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