STINX is a free reporting platform that enables individuals to swiftly report odour nuisances in their surroundings. In just a few seconds, users can report the nature of the odour and its intensity, directly facilitating communication with the relevant local authorities and/or businesses. 

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Governmental advantages with STINX

For government bodies, managing environmental concerns efficiently is crucial. STINX stands out as a unique tool that transforms how odour nuisances are handled, enabling:


  • Efficient Complaint Management: Centralize odour reports from residents through the STINX app, streamlining the process of complaint resolution.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Combine community feedback with data from iNose sensors to gain a multifaceted understanding of environmental impacts.
  • Responsive Governance: Utilize the aggregated data to quickly inform and update residents about actions taken, enhancing transparency and trust.
  • Industry Collaboration: Facilitate communication between residents and local industries. Use concrete data to guide industries in taking appropriate measures to address odour issues.
  • Forward-Thinking Solutions: Establish a proactive approach to environmental challenges. Anticipate and mitigate issues before they escalate, maintaining the well-being of communities.

STINX supports a cooperative ecosystem where governments, industries, and communities work in tandem for a balanced living environment. By adopting the STINX platform, governments can elevate their environmental monitoring and community relations to new heights.

Ready to revolutionize how your government entity manages environmental concerns? Reach out to us for licensing information and transform the way you manage environmental monitoring.

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