We’re proud to announce a dynamic expansion of our environmental monitoring capabilities with the launch of the STINX app. STINX is a free reporting app that enables everyone to swiftly report odour nuisances in their surroundings. In just a few seconds, users can report the nature of the odour and its intensity, directly facilitating communication with the relevant local authorities and businesses.

STINX app design

Introducing the STINX app

Our approach has always been rooted in the belief that harmony between governments, industries, and communities is achieved through collaborative solutions. The STINX app is our latest innovation, designed to enhance this ecosystem by integrating community feedback into our set of solutions.


STINX is a strategic extension of our established electronic nose network. It empowers local residents to report odour nuisances quickly and efficiently, providing an additional layer of data to the environmental insights gathered by our iNose sensors. This synergy ensures a comprehensive understanding of air quality issues, enabling informed decisions and effective actions to address community concerns about odour nuisance.

STINX put in practice

A testament to the efficacy of our integrated approach is an odour nuisance project in the Belgian province West-Flanders, where a grid of 10 iNoses (electronic noses) was installed in a local municipality. The iNose network monitors odour changes and wind patterns day and night. This network, positioned within the local industry zone and surrounding residential areas, is geared towards pinpointing odour sources and mitigating their effects.


While our iNoses are highly sensitive, the subjective nature of odour perception means there’s no substitute for the human nose. Residents in the vicinity are often the first to detect smells, and their input via the STINX app makes our network even more effective.

A collaborative tool for all stakeholders

The STINX app serves as an additional, crucial communication channel. By reporting when and where odours are detected, residents contribute valuable data that is otherwise challenging to capture. This information is crucial for tracing the origins of odours and is integral to our data-driven approach to finding solutions.

Get access to STINX data

We invite local authorities and businesses to explore the potential of STINX as a tool for environmental monitoring and community engagement. By adopting STINX, stakeholders can gain deeper insights into odour-related issues, enhance their responsiveness to community reports, and contribute to a balanced, harmonious living environment.


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