Smells emanating from waste management facilities frequently lead to complaints from communities living nearby. Warmer weather during spring and summer often aggravates odour issues, as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) tend to become more pungent, coinciding with more people spending time outdoors. With European countries increasingly tightening regulations on odour nuisance, it becomes crucial for companies to proactively maintain a pleasant atmosphere for both the surrounding community and their workforce.

Waste management facility Belgium

The persistent problem

For one Belgian waste management facility, the traditional open-air composting process was impacting the quality of life for nearby residents. This resulted in persistent community complaints. The need for a solution was clear, one that could accurately identify the odour sources and provide real-time and historical data that could be used to analyze complaints.

The iNose solution

Qweriu responded with a network of five iNoses, strategically placed around the composting site. Initially, a single iNose was placed close to the potential odour source. Within a few seconds, the gas sensor detected an anomaly, indicating that iNose could effectively monitor the situation.


In a second phase, the 5 iNoses were placed around the site to distinguish between odours from the customer’s operations and those from neighbouring companies. This approach ensured that the source of the odour nuisance could be accurately identified.


The customer maintained a detailed log of their composting processes. The data from the iNose sensors were compared with the log to establish correlations between specific activities, wind directions, and sensor readings. This analysis helped identify the activities responsible for the odour nuisance and the conditions under which the odour spread.

Real-time monitoring of harmful emissions and nuisance odours

The measurable results

Over a year, the facility utilized the insights from the iNose network to adapt their composting activities. Alarm levels were established, taking wind direction into account, allowing for proactive management of operations. This forward-thinking strategy led to a substantial decrease in odour nuisance reports from the community and a notable improvement in the local quality of life.


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