STINX is a free reporting app that enables individuals to swiftly report odour nuisances in their surroundings. In just a few seconds, users can report the nature of the odour and its intensity, directly facilitating communication with the relevant local authorities and/or businesses.

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How STINX works for businesses

For businesses, STINX isn’t just about tracking odour nuisances — it’s about actively participating in creating a fresher future for both your operations and the surrounding community. Here’s how STINX can revolutionize your approach to environmental management:


  • Internal Reporting: Equip employees with the STINX app to report odour nuisances instantly. Operational teams receive immediate notifications, enabling a rapid response to potential issues.
  • Data Integration: For sites equipped with iNose technology, STINX odour reports can be integrated with sensor data, giving a comprehensive view of odour emissions and their sources within or outside the facility.
  • Community Feedback: Gain access to anonymized community reports through our platform. Understand the broader impact of your operations with details on odour types, intensity, and additional descriptors, provided by the community.
  • Analytical Edge: Combine STINX data with wind patterns and your iNose network for a proactive analysis. Don’t wait for complaints to escalate—address them with the insights you need.
  • Enhanced Relations: Use community-driven data to strengthen your environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility. Show that you’re not just a business in the community but a part of it.


Our STINX B2B license offers an unparalleled advantage in environmental tech. By anticipating and addressing odour nuisances proactively, your company can maintain harmony with the community and lead the industry in sustainability.

Interested in elevating your company’s environmental management? Contact us for a demonstration of the STINX app’s capabilities.

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